Aerium Analytics

Incorporated in 2016, AERIUM builds on over 40 years (and two generations) of professional services consultancy experience from its founders and sister company, Lorrnel Group. From our humble roots in providing more accurate data capture for our clients, we have evolved into a business that is focused on providing industry-specific drone technology solutions.
Aerium Analytics | Drone Technology Solutions - pre-flight
Aerium Analytics | Drone Technology Solutions - RoBird® (Wildlife Management)

RoBird® is revolutionizing wildlife management

RoBird® is a remote-control flapping wing drone that mimics the characteristics of an actively hunting, female peregrine falcon. The technical term for RoBird® is an ornithoptor, which is an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings in imitation of birds of flight.

AERIUM Airport Products & Services

AERIUM’s drone technology supports airports across North America in maintaining safer airspace while providing highly innovative solutions to manage and improve regulatory compliance.

Utilizing our proprietary drone, RoBird® — along with our geospatial intelligence and automated data and surveillance capabilities — airports can identify, assess, and mitigate potential hazards with great efficiency and results.

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