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Bringing Automated Data Analysis and Surveillance innovation to the airport, energy, mining, and forestry sectors

It’s been said time and time again that data is king. And with good reason; data can provide the type of business insights that give organizations a tremendous competitive advantage. AERIUM provides customized solutions to companies by turning data into business intelligence.

In any industry where data and analysis is needed, AERIUM Analytics is there

Data Automation - Today

Powerful insights that save time and money through better informed decision-making

Geospatial intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing data to gain competitive business insights. AERIUM provides customized solutions to organizations by turning data into business intelligence.

Going where drones typically can’t go

Our drones are able to go to highly complex environments, from airport settings to vast forestry and energy sites to remote terrain that is not so easily monitored on foot or with other land equipment. Thanks to our vast expertise and technical capability, we are able to obtain data insights that others cannot.

Transforming how data can be used in complex environments

AERIUM’s expertise lies not only in obtaining data, but in taking these vast sums of information and turning them into actionable business knowledge. AERIUM tackles every project with the same goal in mind: to find the most effective solution for the problem identified. AERIUM’s team of advanced pilots, geomatics professionals, and machine learning specialists ensure that deliverables are accurate, repeatable, and auditable.

Comprehensive deliverables for informed decision-making

Rather than simply passing the data along to clients and partners, AERIUM creates presentable solutions that are discussed directly and interpreted with client engineers, thereby providing the most thorough and comprehensive information possible before making critical business decisions.

AERIUM is a trailblazer in developing comprehensive autonomous drone solutions and products. The data collected during our thousands of flight missions acts as stepping-stones for future innovation.

These are just a couple of our competitive advantages. Learn about our others:

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As AERIUM rapidly expands across North America we are developing innovative solutions to meet the demand of clients and service providers.

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Data Automation - Tomorrow

Automated real-time solutions for heightened insights

With a team of machine learning and computer vision specialists, we are developing real-time detection and data visualization solutions. Predictive analysis, which uses historical data to predict future events, uses a combination of statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to inform decision-making, and can be a true game-changer for organizations.

Our industry-leading experts include specialists in machine learning, computer vision, software development, remote sensing, geomatics, engineering, regulatory compliance, environmental sciences, and business operations.

AERIUM is also a leader in the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) space and is a proud member of Project SkySensus which is focused on the research, development, and commercialization of BVLOS technology.

Learn more about Project SkySensus:

Future applications of AERIUM’s data automation solutions include:

Wildlife Detection and Tracking

Coming soon…drone-in-a-box, a fully autonomous solution wherein drones can be deployed, conduct wildlife deterrent missions, report actionable information back to a central hub, and return without the input of a human operator.

Runway and Taxi-Apron Markings Analysis

Inspection signs and concrete painted markings on taxi ways, apron, and runways are required to be luminescent and reflective to be identified in all weather conditions which is currently a manual process. AERIUM’s solutions will automate this process.

Foreign Object Detection (FOD)

FOD is an automated detection system that is incorporated into the drone flight missions. Identification of inanimate objects can be reported directly to the operations team, identifying the size and location of the FOD.

Perimeter Breach and Security Detection

Drone-mounted geospatial tools are being developed to detect breaks in barriers within operational areas, such as holes in or under perimeter fencing. Identification of human or animal presence within areas of operation will support operators in monitoring site safety and activity.

Data automation is only one of our innovative solutions

We are a company of problem solvers. We listen, learn, identify pain points, and create customized solutions that solve major industry problems.

Our integrated solutions include:

Using geospatial intelligence to provide best-in-class deliverables.

A field-proven, effective technology for bird safety and damage mitigation

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