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Unlocking the true value and game-changing potential of drone technology

Our drive for constant innovation and collaboration is core to our vision of being industry-leading problem solvers addressing complex situations through drone technology.
Through our partnership with SkySensus, we are working to combine drone technology with innovation in emerging areas (including artificial intelligence, computer vision, and remote sensing) to enable unprecedented levels of automation and analytical solutions. We are building an advanced manufacturing and assembly facility which will further support our ability to scale and innovate.
Our in-house expertise allows us to not only create these cutting-edge solutions, but also to develop new and evolving automated solutions that truly unlock the tremendous value of drone technology.
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Helping to advance Canada’s reputation as a global leader in applied technology for environmental stewardship

AERIUM Analytics solutions support green initiatives in multiple, high-impact ways, including:

Retraining and upskilling the workforce in drone adoption

In line with the Building Back Better plan to keep Canadians and Canadian businesses well-positioned for a robust, post-COVID recovery, AERIUM Analytics provides the optimal opportunity to transition displaced energy industry workers into the growing aerospace industry. These roles include engineering, computer sciences, and the trades. AERIUM Analytics is also seeking to hire and train veterans in roles such as drone pilots, maintenance staff, and safety coordinators, thereby supporting their transition to civilian careers.

We are also working on ways to train and equip partners and organizations to operate AERIUM’s drone solutions.
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Industry-leading experience in compliance management

Not only do we hold ourselves to the highest standard of safety and regulatory compliance, but we also ensure that our clients are equally diligent in adhering to industry regulations. This ensures that potential areas of non-compliance are easily identified before they impact your business, resulting in the avoidance of safety risks and/or substantial fines.
We pride ourselves on being able to operate in complex and hyper-difficult areas due to our many certifications and approvals, including Pilot Certificate in Advanced Operations from Transport Canada and Part 107 Pilot Certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
As a pioneer in the use of drones for airport management and regulatory compliance, AERIUM Analytics is playing a leading role in redefining drone regulations to allow for our partners and clients to experience more operational freedom in the drone aviation industry while still adhering to rigorous safety protocols. We are working towards a future where drones in aviation settings adhere to management-focused, as opposed to restriction-focused, policies.

Turning data into action

AERIUM is an industry leader in advancing autonomous solutions for the performance of increasingly complex tasks. With a team of machine learning and computer vision specialists, our real-time detection and regulatory compliance solutions turn terabytes of data into actionable information. These solutions include security and perimeter breach detection, foreign object debris, thermal and multispectral mapping and inspections, and runway marking.
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We get people home safely at the end of the day

By establishing exceptional training and the highest of safety standards we have earned the confidence of clients and regulatory bodies. Our drone applications provide remote operational and inspection capabilities that prevent potentially detrimental events, such as wildlife strikes or infrastructure malfunction. Through our drone autonomy, we are able to increase overall capital efficiency while reducing employee exposure to heights and hazards that may cause harm.

Safety Operations Learning Equipment Management System

Our trademarked Safety Operations Learning Equipment Management System (S.O.L.E. Management System®) is our framework that we follow on every project. This system makes our clients safer by removing human personnel away from hazardous job sites.

By implementing S.O.L.E we are able to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with working in high-risk zones with a 100% success rate.

Drone Pilots Highly Trained For Complex Industries

AERIUM pilots undergo extensive training through the Canadian Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) in order to acquire a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 Commercial sUAS pilot license. As such, they are held to the same standards as commercial aviation pilots, including being subjected to health exams, lung function tests, bloodwork, vision and colour blindness tests, and hearing exams.
Additional training to operate in sensitive areas (such as airports and resource extraction sites), is also required of our pilots, as well as additional workplace course, including Radio Operator Certificates and First Aid.

Thousands of drone flights in complex airspaces with zero safety incidents…and counting

Thousands of these drone flights make us an indisputable leader in this space. Our passionate and collaborative team works alongside our clients and partners to anticipate and overcome all barriers.
Our team consists of industry experts in machine learning, computer vision, software development, remote sensing, geomatics, engineering, regulatory compliance, environmental sciences, and business operations. Building on 40 years of experience, AERIUM Analytics prides itself on its close industry relationships and providing tangible business results.

Going to those complex environments that are hard to access

Our ability to operate safely and effectively in hyper-difficult areas where other drones and companies are challenged to access, including airports and Canada’s oil sands, is a true competitive differentiator. We are proud of our work in helping our clients with the humane and safe deterrence of wildlife, supporting better business decisions with effective and efficient data, and increasing worker safety.
We are redefining the expectations of stakeholders in very traditional, regulatory-heavy industries by developing a buy-in mentality from industry experts through trust and education.

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