RoBird® is revolutionizing wildlife management

Drone technology that mimics nature’s most effective predator

Meet RoBird® - the safe, effective and humane wildlife management solution for complex industries

The most consistently effective bird hazing tool is a bird’s own natural enemy.

RoBird® is a remote-control flapping wing drone that mimics the characteristics of an actively hunting, female peregrine falcon. The technical term for RoBird® is an ornithoptor, which is an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings in imitation of birds of flight.

The RoBird Advantage includes:

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RoBird® naturally, humanely, and safely leverages the characteristics of the peregrine falcon to scatter and reduce bird populations near airfields, tailings ponds, and more.

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Meet RoBird® - the safe, effective and humane wildlife management solution for complex industries

The RoBird® Advantage #1: Mimics bird behaviour

Other birds think RoBird® is the real deal – and they steer clear

The peregrine falcon is the most widely recognized and feared bird of prey on earth. RoBird®’s design is ideal because the falcon is a predator that hunts birds from higher altitudes in open areas, like airports, and has the lifelike appearance and weight of its living counterpart.

All aspects of bird psychology and falconry were considered in RoBird®’s design, including the fact that birds have a keen cognitive ability and an outstanding memory. Birds respond to two things when confronted with prey; the silhouette and behavioural pattern. Birds rely on wing beat frequency to determine how aggressive a predator is. RoBird® mimics the peregrine falcon wing beat frequency with precise accuracy.

RoBird® is a field-proven, effective technology for bird safety and damage mitigation.

Learn more about our impacts in the airport and aviation industry :
Aerium Analytics | Drone Technology Solutions - RoBird® (Wildlife Management)
Aerium Analytics | Drone Technology Solutions - RoBird® (Wildlife Management)

The RoBird® Advantage #2: The most humane choice

A true-to-nature flapping wing drone – indistinguishable from the real predator

RoBird® naturally, humanely, and safely leverages the characteristics of the peregrine falcon to scatter and reduce bird populations with zero harm.

Our team of engineers and developers have drawn inspiration from the motion and behaviour of birds and have considered research into aerodynamic properties in their design. The result is a game-changing device in the field of wildlife management, one in which the RoBird® operator is in full control of what happens in the air.

What makes RoBird® the most humane choice?

  • It ties into natural avian flight or fight responses rather than adding unnatural human stressors
  • RoBird® does not kill or harm birds, but rather is able to safely remove them without depredation
  • Unlike with traditional falconry options, RoBird® does not require food, shelter, or training
  • RoBird® can hunt anytime, and it can be used alone, or alongside, other bird control methodologies


As AERIUM rapidly expands across North America we are developing training and hardware solutions to provide economical opportunities for growers to add RoBird® to their fleets and wildlife mitigation strategies.

Learn more about our environmental stewardship:
Aerium Analytics | Drone Technology Solutions - RoBird®

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As AERIUM rapidly expands across North America we are developing training and hardware solutions to meet the demand of clients and service providers who want to operate their own RoBird® fleets.

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The RoBird® Advantage #3: Advanced flight capability

All birds on site notice when RoBird enters the scene.

RoBird includes the following features which contribute to its advanced and lifelike flight capabilities:

Birds react to RoBird® in different ways depending on what they are doing. RoBird® is effective in herding flocks and moving them to safe locations and can change the flight path of migrating birds by intercepting them mid-path. Whether the birds are loafing on water, perching in trees, aerial displaying, or feeding, they will react to RoBird® by getting out of harm’s way.

The RoBird® Advantage #4: Lasting behavioural changes

Behavioural changes that save bird lives, reduce bird strikes, and remove birds from harm’s way

Our RoBird® field teams use aggressive and consistent flight in targeted locations to reduce bird populations in these areas. This may be coupled with additional wildlife management tools, including pyrotechnics and long-range acoustic hailing devices. Birds then begin to associate the target location as high-risk and stay away. For good.
Is your organization looking for innovative wildlife mitigation solutions?

Learn more about how the Edmonton International Airport’s partnership with AERIUM and RoBird® has helped to create a safer environment in a humane and sustainable fashion.

The RoBird® Advantage #5: Best-in-class safety protocols

Zero safety incidents

Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to RoBird®. Here are some of the protocols that have contributed to our record of zero safety incidents:

Safety is one of our key organizational differentiators:

While RoBird® is our flagship product, it is only one of our innovative solutions

We are a company of problem solvers. We listen, learn, identify pain points, and create customized solutions that solve major industry problems. Our integrated solutions include:

Geospatial Intelligence

Leveraging deep knowledge of geographic information system (GIS) applications to provide best-in-class deliverables.

Automated Data and Surveillance

Creating the solutions of tomorrow with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The RoBird® Advantage #6: Extensive training

Exceptional training rooted in the highest of safety standards

Preparing for lift off

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive regulatory and safety credentials. Before an operation begins, we verify:
Stakeholders may include wildlife management personnel, security, operations teams, air traffic control, and the local aviation authority.

RoBird® pilot training program

RoBird® pilots are held to the same mental and physical standards as commercial aviation pilots and are certified under both Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration. Our pilots are trained to incorporate randomized, aggressive, and erratic flying techniques, modelled on years of observation and data on gauging reactions of varied bird species in different activities and scenarios.

Learn more about our team of experts:

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