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As pioneers in the field of drone technology, we offer integrated drone-based solutions that combine drone flight services, data processing, automated software analysis, and enhanced data visualization.

We work with innovative organizations who are looking for industry-specific intelligence and data solutions for better informed decision making.

RoBird® -
revolutionizing wildlife management

A proven solution for decreasing bird strike incidents and bird mortality, humanely and effectively

The leading bird deterrent solution, RoBird® gets results. RoBird® has been proven to be up to 91% effective in hazing birds away from industrial settings.

RoBird® works effectively in the following industries:

Our geospatial intelligence solutions work effectively in the following industries:

Geospatial Intelligence -
accurate and in-depth insights

Geospatial intelligence and imagery can be reviewed time and again without the need for costly shutdowns and reactive management.

Our geospatial intelligence ensures that data is acquired safely and that deliverables are accurate, repeatable, and auditable. Our AERIUM solutions go beyond data collection, with analysis and data translation capabilities that speak to our stakeholders. By leveraging drone technology, we are able to survey sites faster than with traditional methods, allowing for more expedient and accurate decision-making.

Automated Data and Surveillance -
turning data into action

Real-time detection that will save your business time and money while increasing safety

Our automated data and surveillance solutions include security and perimeter detection, thermal and multispectral mapping and inspection, and runway marking regulatory compliance. This enables the translation of terabytes of data into actionable information. Through machine learning and computer visioning, AERIUM is transforming how drones can be used in complex and high stakes environments.

Automated Data and Surveillance works effectively in the following industries:

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