Night Flight a First for Drones at Airports

AERIUM Analytics and CANARD Drones Conduct Successful Precision Approach Path Indicator Calibration at Edmonton International Airport Using Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

August 16, 2019 (Edmonton, AB) – AERIUM Analytics, CANARD Drones and Edmonton International Airport (EIA) have successfully teamed up for a first at a Canadian airport, using a drone at night to enhance safety for airplanes landing.

This drone test flight performed a real-time analysis of a system that is designed to help airplanes land safety, known as the Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI). A PAPI system is installed at airports to help pilots see and maintain the correct approach for landing.

The drone, or Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), used highly specific tools to measure and collect data to help calibrate the PAPI. It was the first time in Canada this has been done successfully at night in an airport or airport property. Using drones produces a more reliable, consistent and accurate analysis of the safety system. A report is generated in real time, based on the results collected and is used to assist airport staff in complying with regulatory inspection requirements.

 “We are excited to be at the forefront of developing new RPAS solutions for PAPI analysis on active runways at airports.” says Jordan Cicoria of AERIUM Analytics. “Being able to operate drone systems at night and over a runway, is unprecedented in Canadian RPAS history and we hope that projects like this one will lead to further advancement in Canadian RPAS industry. With support from Edmonton International Airport and the Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre (AATC), we are able to trial new and innovative systems in a way that would enhance airport operations and allow our clients to more efficiently maintain regulatory compliance.”

“For CANARD, this operation was a dream come true. We have been writing pages in the aviation books since our creation, and this is the first operation in North America.  Our suite of services, highly efficient and easy to operate in any type of airport, from remote locations, to huge international hubs, fits perfectly in the needs of Canadian airport system. We look forward to develop our relationship with AERIUM”, said Rafael Aguado, COO, CANARD Drones.

“AERIUM Analytics have been able to safely integrate RPAS technology use into EIA’s daily operations,” said Steve Maybee, EIA VP of Operations and Infrastructure. “Their integrated service approach effectively supports our wildlife management, operations, and infrastructure projects. Embracing new technology gives us the unique opportunity to engage in innovative and ground-breaking trial projects like the drone PAPI analysis, to improve the efficiency of airport operations.”

About CANARD Drones

CANARD is a British-Spanish company that develops cutting-edge technology for the inspection and calibration of aids to air navigation (NAVAIDs) and airport infrastructures, through the use of drones. These new technologies will allow more freedom of operation for airports at a fraction of the actual cost. CANARD has operated its systems in a number of different environments, from big hubs, like Charles de Gaulle in Paris, France, to Momote Airport in a remote island in Papua New Guinea. The company received more than 16 awards in 2016, its first year of operation. It has been incubated by the ESA Startups program and Startupbootcamp. CANARD has developed its technology with the help of public financing in the FINODEX, NEOTEC or SME programs, and actually continues innovating throughout ENISA financing. For further information about our services please visit: or follow us in LinkedIn

Media Contact

Jaime Perez-Guerra

Cell +34 669677578

E-mail: [email protected]

About AERIUM Analytics

AERIUM Analytics is a Canadian Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Service provider with a strong focus on complex operations and geospatial intelligence. Their fleet of UAS includes commercial-grade fixed-wing, quadcopter, and flapping-wing units, that allow them to provide a variety of stand-alone or package services, including UAS flight services, wildlife management services, data processing and analysis, and enhanced data visualization. This allows AERIUM Analytics to cover the full spectrum of UAS needs for their clients. With a strong focus on safety and regulatory compliance, AERIUM Analytics uses innovative technology to deliver unique and effective solutions. To learn more about AERIUM Analytics, please visit: or follow @AERIUMAnalytics on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

Media Contact

Lina Kunina | Media & Communications Coordinator

Office: 403-451-7117 | Cell: 778-709-0089

Email: [email protected]

About Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport is a self-funded, not-for-profit corporation whose mandate is to drive economic prosperity for the Edmonton Region. EIA is Canada’s fifth-busiest airport by passenger traffic and the largest major Canadian airport by land area. EIA offers non-stop connections to destinations across Canada, the US, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. EIA is a major economic driver, with an economic output of over $3.2 billion, supporting over 26,000 jobs. For more information, please visit:, follow @flyeia on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook.

Media Contact

Christopher Chodan | Sr. Communications Advisor, Corporate Communications

Office: 780 890 8454 | Cell: 780 700 3596

Email: [email protected] 

About Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre

Housed at EIA, the AATC focuses on the development and attraction of Aerospace and Technology companies to Alberta. In 2016, the AATC joined up with AERIUM to focus on the growth and development of UAV technologies in Alberta. The AATC is a joint venture founded by Canadian Helicopters (an HNZ company), Canadian North, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), the Government of Alberta and EIA. As part of AATC, Canadian North operates a 737 training simulator in the airport’s Cargo Village, HNZ Topflight operates a helicopter training simulator in the main terminal building and the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) is constructing a new educational facility in the north part of EIA.

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