September Proves to be Successful as AERIUM Analytics and CFS Conduct UAV Operations at Worlds Leading Airports

September was an incredible month for AERIUM Analytics and Clear Flight Solutions. Working together with our partners, we set the pace for UAS industry by conducting UAS operations at two separate airports. This on its own is an incredible feat, as operation of drones in close proximity is generally frowned upon and in many places considered illegal. With the help of the Robird and UAS drones, we have been working on improving the perception of drone use for improving the efficiency of airport operations.

In the short span of two months at Edmonton International Airport, we have completed over 130 successful Robird flights, covering a land base of nearly 3,200 hectares. Our other UAS services include the aerial scan of runway 02-20 and over 30 successful UAV flights performed at 150 feet above ground level. The data collected will yield a high density image with 6mm/pixel resolution.

Similarly in a European airport, over 100 Robird flights have been completed to date including several flights over an active runway.

Over 4,300 birds of 8 different species have been chased effectively with the Robird. Combined with other methods of wildlife management, a total of 11,886 birds have been hazed and harassed to date with the goal of decreasing the number of bird strike incidents at airports.

You can view the highlights of our September operations in the video below.

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