2024: Mapping the Future Together!

I’m excited to launch the opening edition of our AERIUM Alliance newsletter! It’s a pleasure to welcome you aboard. This newsletter is our conduit to you, ensuring we stay connected. I’m filled with anticipation as we begin this journey together, eager to share insights and developments that will highlight a thrilling year ahead for us.

It’s amazing to realize we’ve already entered the second quarter of 2024. Time, indeed, flies. A highlight I’m happy to announce is our recent acquisition of The Lorrnel Group assets. This move allows AERIUM to leverage the strengths of Lorrnel, specialists in geospatial intelligence, regulatory, environment, and project management since 1982 to complement its cutting-edge drone solutions business. This is a key moment that marks a significant leap forward for our team, now boasting 50 staff members (Read more here). This expansion improves our Environmental capabilities, enhances the capability of Seismic services, and vastly expands GIS and Forestry solutions.

Additionally, with the upcoming changes to drone regulations in Canada, as outlined in Transport Canada’s Drone Strategy to 2025 (Read more here), we are better equipped than ever to address challenges across various sectors. One such example is monitoring and protecting wildlife. Drones represent more than just technological marvels for us; they embody the essence of innovation and the potential to catalyze transformative change. Gaining increased airspace access signifies a milestone achievement, a testament to our relentless pursuit and visionary aspirations.

Our mission at AERIUM extends beyond technological advancement; we’re driven to utilize technology such as drones as instruments of positive change—be it in conserving wildlife, ensuring airport security, or redefining energy inspections. As the drone regulations mature, the industry finds itself on the verge of a ground-breaking era of innovation.

2024 holds great promise, teeming with opportunities for us to solidify our market presence, forge deeper client connections, and venture into new territories. Above all, it’s an invitation to uphold our foundational values and make an indelible impact. #DronesForGood

In closing, my heartfelt thanks to each one of you who has journeyed with us—our dedicated team, our valued clients, our steadfast partners, and our supportive community. Collectively, we’re sculpting a future that’s not only innovative but also inspiring. As we embrace the drone revolution of 2024, let’s set our sights on growth and collaboration together!

I hope you find this inaugural edition of our newsletter both enjoyable and informative. We look forward to having you with us for future issues.

I’m here and ready to chat, drop me a message through our contact email or connect with me on LinkedIn. Looking forward to smooth flights for all of us ahead!

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