AERIUM Analytics Inc. Announces Acquisition of The Lorrnel Group Assets

March 27th, 2024 (Calgary, Canada) — AERIUM Analytics Inc. (“AERIUM”) announces the acquisition of the book of business and assets of The Lorrnel Group, effective November 1st, 2023. The acquisition was finalized on February 29th, 2024.

AERIUM leverages the strengths of Lorrnel, specialists in geospatial intelligence, regulatory, environment, and Project Management since 1982 to complement its cutting-edge drone solutions business.

“I am extremely excited about this acquisition, which powers us into the next phase of our evolution as a company. This allows us to amplify our combined experience, continuing to deliver tailor-made solutions that push boundaries and redefine industry standards,” said Jordan Cicoria, AERIUM’s CEO.

“Integration internally and continued collaboration with our external partners and clients are key,” said Nathan Cicoria, former CEO of Lorrnel. “We are excited to unite our decades of insights and capacity with AERIUM. Together, we are geared up to set new benchmarks in business intelligence and operational excellence.” Nathan has joined AERIUM’s executive team as Chief Operating Officer.

This acquisition establishes a solid foundation for our future endeavors, promising ongoing development of solutions such as RoBird™, Foreign Object Debris Detection, and Runway Marking Analysis. With a combined force of nearly 50 staff members, we’re poised to push boundaries in environmental protection, safety, and regulatory compliance, expanding our service portfolio and leveraging the strengths of both companies for sustained growth and success.


About AERIUM Analytics

AERIUM Analytics is a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) innovations provider dedicated to solving tough, risky, and high-cost problems within the most complex and heavily regulated industries in the world. Our drone solutions architects craft custom, integrated solutions and safely deploy drone technology at airports, natural resources extraction sites, worksite locations, and more. AERIUM Analytics provides a variety of stand-alone or package RPAS services, covering flight services, geospatial intelligence, wildlife management, and enhanced data processing, analysis, and visualization. With our world-class focus on safety and regulatory compliance supported by our SOLE Management System™, AERIUM Analytics uses innovative technology to deliver unique and successful solutions.


About The Lorrnel Group

The Lorrnel Group (“Lorrnel”), founded in 1982 in Calgary, AB, is a leading professional services consultancy in Integrated Resource Management with 40 years of expertise. Lorrnel specializes in diverse areas such as Capital Projects Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, and Environmental Assessment. Renowned in Western Canada, Lorrnel’s reputation spans sectors such as Oil & Gas, Forestry, Transportation, Mining, Government and more. Committed to excellence and safety, Lorrnel provides impactful, customized solutions, that seamlessly integrate into multiple industries.


For additional information about AERIUM Analytics, visit, or follow us on LinkedIn @AERIUMAnalytics.


Media Contact

Adriel Oliveira | Marketing Specialist

Email: [email protected]

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