Transport Canada’s Drone Strategy to 2025

At the height of the COVID pandemic, in March 2021, Transport Canada released their report, Transport Canada’s Drone Strategy to 2025. Seeing the role that drones were playing in Canada in facilitating deliveries to remote communities during the pandemic reinforced that drone technology is “…modernizing the way industries work, improving people’s lives, and providing public […]

How drones are revolutionizing energy and mining operations

The energy sector is fundamental to the Canadian economy. In 2021, the energy sector accounted for almost 10% of the country’s Gross Domestic Project (GDP) and energy exports to 142 countries exceeded $150 billion. The sixth largest energy producer in the world, Canada’s energy sector employed 264,700 people in 2021.   As essential as the […]

Top 3 challenges with wildlife mitigation at airports

While there is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly disrupted the airline industry (among others), there is also no question that prior to that disruption the industry has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent decades. Since the establishment of the world’s first airport – Washington DC’s College Park Airport in 1909 – […]

How drones are revolutionizing airport operations 

Aerium Analytics | Drone Technology Solutions - airport

Making airports safer, keeping them compliant, and improving efficiencies    Airports have long been at the forefront of technological innovation. Recent advancements include real-time flight tracking, automated check-in kiosks, facial recognition software and automating air traffic. Airport operators are leaders in the use of cutting-edge technology to ensure travelers get to their destinations safely and […]

AERIUM Analytics: flying a new course

LiveTechLoveLife is a Calgary Economic Development initiative to recognize and celebrate visionaries and game changers in Calgary’s burgeoning tech ecosystem – including AERIUM Analytics, who they profiled in this piece.

AERIUM is a showcase company at the 2022 Banff Venture Forum

The Banff Venture Forum brings together the hottest emerging technology companies with leading private equity and venture capital investors from across North America. AERIUM was invited to attend as a showcase companywas provided with heightened visibility to tech leaders, industry presenters, and top-tier investors.